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Road Accident Fund Claims ~ Pretoria

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RAF Claim Direct

If you have already settled directly with the RAF for less than you could, don’t despair. It may not be too late to have your settlement reviewed by a Court of Law.

Accident Claims

Who qualifies for a claim? Victims of road accidents who have sustained personal injuries usually have a claim against the Road Accident Fund in South Africa.

Legal Process

A competent personal injury lawyer will be able to give advice as to what an injured party may claim and the process which has to be undertaken to lodge a claim.

Specialist RAF Lawyers for

Road Accident Claims

Personal Injury Law

A person who sustained an injury on a South African road can only claim from the RAF for medical expenses, loss of income or maintenance, pain and suffering or emotional shock.

No Win, No Fee

When a client and his Attorney agree to a contingency fee for services rendered by the attorney, it is referred to as no-win, no-fee. If the attorney fails to prove the road accident claim, no fee is due. 

Test For Negligence

 The claimant needs to prove that he has suffered physical injury or a loss due to the physical injury or death of a breadwinner because of the negligent driving of another.

Experienced Accident Lawyers

How To Claim

When a person sustains an injury on a South African road, the injured person has to lodge a road accident claim against the RAF. Claims can be lodged directly with the RAF, but since there are numerous examples of direct claims from the RAF which were paid out at a fraction of what could be claimed, it is not advisable.

If you claim through an accident lawyer, you are protected by the Attorney Fidelity Fund [AFF], an insurance fund through which you can sue a lawyer if you have been exploited. By claiming directly from RAF, there is no such insurance. 

Avoid Hasty Direct Settlements

RAF Is Short Changing Victims

‘Accident victims who are seriously injured and who make hasty settlements with the Road Accident Fund (RAF) for what might appear to them to be a significant sum without independent legal advice or before their claims are properly quanfied, will have their whole lives to regret this,’ warn Law Society of South Africa (LSSA) Co-Chairpersons Mvuzo Notyesi and Jan van Rensburg.

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medical expenses

loss of income


pain and suffering

emotional shock

Specialist Road Accident Claims Attorney

RAF Claims Expert

Claims involving road accidents are handled by a highly competent an experienced specialist attorney with many years of litigation experience and numerous road accident and personal injury cases under his belt.

Legal Fees

No Win No Fee

If a client has a monetary claim, the attorney’s fee may not be more than 25% of the total amount awarded to the client. Costs awarded to the client are not included in these calculations.


Contigency Fee Limit

Responsibilities Of The RAF

The Road Accident Fund


A competent road accident claims lawyer will be able to give advice as to what an injured party may claim and the process which has to be undertaken to lodge a claim with the RAF. The Road Accident Fund is responsible for:

01. Cover

Providing appropriate cover to all road users within the borders of South Africa.

02. Compensate

Rehabilitating and compensating persons injured as a result of motor vehicles in a timely and caring manner.

03. Promote

Actively promoting the safe use of all South African roads.

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Road Accident Fund

Submit the NO WIN NO FEE Online Claim Assessment questionnaire to have your claim assessed by our expert Accident Claims Attorney to determine the merits of your claim and provide advice on the way forward.


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